Frequently asked Questions

When will you ship?

* All items on the site are RTS ( ready to ship) all we have to do is get them snug in a box and shipped out to you so give us 1-5 business days. ( sometimes we are busy bee's)

Where are you located?

*Owensboro Kentucky

Do you have a facebook group?

Yes!! of course


Do you offer local pick up?

*We do! You can pick up your order at Neal's Accessories in Town Square Mall or make arrangements to pick up at a location in town( need to set those up. We accommodate the best we can.)**We still need time to get your order ready so 1-5 business days still apply.

Do you offer shipping outside of the US?

*Yes, but you will need to pay exact shipping. Contact us.


Can I custom order?

*Yes but we have a sign up list in our group so things are faster and individual attention is given to your order.  
If you want to see something made and put on the site I will make every effort to get it there ASAP. Send a message through Shopify chat.

Can I combine my orders?

* Yes- IF you ordered in the last 24 hours and it has not already shipped. If it has already shipped you will have to pay shipping again.

Is there a canceling order fee?

*Yes, there is a 10% Cancellation Fee on orders with a minimum of $5.00.

What kind of wax do you use?
* Regular wax is a para soy blend.
** Scoop-eze is a coconut house blend. About the consistency of caviar and just as awesome.
*** Fragrance oils are of the finest we can find on the market. Each scent is tested before the first melt is sold.

If you have other questions- hit the shopify chat in the lower left corner. You can also email- madetomelt@yahoo.com

Have a blessed and scented day- hope to hear from you soon.