These range in size from .85 to a little over an oz. Just enough to pop 'em , try 'em, to see if you like 'em.

Red Coral is a fresh aquatic type scent

*Apricot Sugar-Sugared Apricots, Pomegranate, Clementine,Cherry Blossoms, Pistachio, Rooibos Tea Leaves,Chewy Nougat, Marzipan, Golden Honeycomb

*Peach- ripe juicy Georgia Peach

*Peach Meringue- peach nectar, golden apricot, fresh nectarine creamy vanilla.

*Hawaiian Splash- Black Coconut, Hawaiian Starfruit, Cool Green Melon, Apple, Pineapple, Apricot, Orange, Gieringi Orchid, Fresh Picked Guava, Passionflower, Papaya, Passion Fruit Bamboo Wood, Siam Wood, Beach Musk

*Raspberry Peach Macaroon-ripe raspberries, grape, peach, apricot while notes of white sugar, almond cream, and vanilla macaron adds a gourmand touch!

*Cactus & Dewberry-cactus and pear nectar are layered with fresh florals and sweetened with agave sugar

*Dahlia & Lychee-Juicy lychee, crisp apple and peach nectar and a floral bouquet

*Dewberry-dewberry nectar, bright cassis, southern valencia, yuzu, blackberry, black plum, vanilla sugar and musk.

*Sweet Pineapple- perfect pineapple that is almost over ripe but the perfect amount of juicyness.

*Chocolate Chip Cookies-rich, buttery, gooey fresh from the oven hot chocolate chip cookies

*Pink Salt & Water Lily-peach, apple and melon find their match with complimenting notes of lily of the valley and jasmine.

*Summer Scoop- smells just like a strawberry sundae

*Apple Flower ( blossom)Red Delicious Apples, wild ivy, pomegranate and soft mandarin flowers. Blooming cherry trees and sheer musk

*Strawberry SOP B.N. - strawberry, sweet on paris, beach nights.

* Pink Salt & Water Lily - peach, apple and melon,lily of the valley and jasmine




Pop 'Em Squares

Pop 'Em Squares

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