These will be 2oz bars- you get 1 of each of the following

****These are now RTS*****.

Closes July 22 and will be shipped by July 26th  There is a limit of 8 available and if sells out before will ship before.

* On cloud nine* - (Spun Sugar, Pink Berries, Whipped Vanilla)

1 *On cloud nine with strawberry dreams*   (fresh picked strawberries)
2 *On cloud nine with beach dreams*   (toasted marshmallow, salty sea air,touch of chocolate)
3 *On cloud nine with coconut dreams*   (creamy coconut)
4 *On cloud nine with casper*   (blueberry, strawberry, vanilla and more sugar)
5 *On cloud nine with blueberry dreams*   (blueberries, brown sugar, vanilla)
6 *On cloud nine in a mist* -   (strawberry, watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew melons)
7 *On cloud nine made out of taffy*   (marshmallow,berries,taffy)
8 *On cloud nine made out of circus cookies*   (baked cookies and sugar sprinkles)
9 *On cloud nine with blackberry dreams*   (Blackberries)
10*On cloud nine made out of spc*   (Strawberries, pound cake, whipped cream)
11*On cloud nine made out of cream soda dreams*   (caramelized sugar, vanilla cream)
12*On cloud nine made out birthday wishes*    (sugar cane, vanilla, moist cake batter)
Cloud 9  Sampler

Cloud 9 Sampler

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