Large Snap Bars

Large Snap Bars

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These are large snap bars- approx 6oz each. Perfect way to add wax to your warmer in the amount you choose. We recommend about an oz of wax. These are made, and ready to go. 

Hot plates and tea light warmers tend to do better with our product.
Scent Descriptions -

Strawberry Pound Cake- Who doesn't love this summer time treat. Fresh ripe strawberries, out of the oven sweet pound cake with delicious whipped cream and we drizzle crushed strawberries all over the top.

Cotton Candy Frosted Clouds-   Cotton Candy Frosting and Candied whipped vanilla, marshmallow meringue, white magnolia & fluffy sandalwood. - I do not get a floral or sandalwood scent . This is a dupe of a famous bath company.

Blackberry Serendipity  Paris- Ripe strawberries, serendipity and sweet on paris make this delightful blend.

Sweet Indulgence- cinnamon, pastry, raisins, chestnuts in a perfect pastry blend.

Pumpkin Cheesecake- Pumpkin and New York style cheesecake

Buttercream Frosted Sugar Cookies- fresh baked sugar cookies with a buttery sweet cream frosting

Strawberry Boubon Vanilla- Bourbon, spice, sweet cream and strawberry round out this scent.

Coconut Snowball- Sweet delicious pineapple juice, toasted coconut  orange zest,  caramel, honeycomb and buttercream. whipped marshmallows, a splash of Blue Curacao, sugar crystals and vanilla bean - such a fun scent.

Falling Leaves- crisp leaves on a misty day

Peppermint- strong minty candy

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles- its that time of year folks.