This will be in shapes. (Mostly hearts and maybe teddy bears and or flowers. 2oz each blend)***may or may not have glitter***

Ships 2/4/2022
1 Cherry Cheesecake Cake Batter Ice Cream.
2 Proposal - c@t caramel marsh
3 You mint to take my cherry -peppermint cream marsh cherry.
4. Let's Get Married - Wedding Cake ,blueberries, Strawberry jam
5 We're not meant to be - spc, peppermint swirl, buttercream frosting
6. Dip me in chocolate - Strawberry and white chocolate
7. Pink Garter - Pink Sugar Vanilla Lace
8. Butter my buns - butter rum bum bum
9. Santa has a new cupcake-Santa's Naughty Vixen butter cream cupcake
10. Heart Shaped Box - White Chocolate Apple, Brandied Pear, Toasted Marshmallow
11. Menage Twa -NOT - Magnificent Tres Leche Cake
12. Trust Me - Mystery.
Valentine Sampler

Valentine Sampler

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