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Shawna McGahey 发布

Coconut/Soy wax now.

I just love candles and then wax melts came about and I was hooked! I just love them and melt when I have time. I started making them and made samples and testers for my friends and Warm Tarts Make Happy Hearts was born, but what does that have to do with Made to Melt?  The company name was change as too many people expected pastry tarts, after a contest in our group Made to Melt was born.

As life changes so does Made to Melt if we find something better. We have! Made to Melt now uses Coconut/Soy wax- it is considered an all natural wax. The fragrance oil used is phthalate free and not tested on animals.

 My hope is to bring you a great product, great customer service and a pleasant experience.  Scent can be so relaxing , bring back old memories, or give you a little push in the morning. How can we scent your world today?