Tips, Tricks and General information about wax.

Whether you use our wax or someone else's here are a few tips, tricks, and general information.

Different wax does different jobs. Soy is known for longevity while Paraffin is known for throw. Coconut is known for throw as well but melts at really low temps. If soy wax is in the mix consult the vendor for cure time but you will need at least a two week cure from date of it being made. Cure time is everything.

1. Do not over load your warmer. Only cover the bottom of the warmer- that is the part that is heating up enough to heat your wax for your throw. Too much wax and the hot wax on the bottom can not get through the cooler wax on top- poor scent throw. This is not a situation where the more the better works.

2. Do not add new wax to old wax. You are not re-scenting your old wax but diluting your new wax. If your wax has lost it's scent and you are not happy with it any longer, throw it away and re load.

3. If you are not getting a good throw from the wax you bought, move your warmer. Room footage, air flow, warmer, all make a difference. Placement can be everything. If still no throw, place it in a small room like the bathroom and see what happens there. Still no throw- is it the warmer?wax? or your nose to that scent? are you nose blind? Try a different warmer or different wax.

4. How to clean out your warmer-*Hot dump - just empty dish hot and wipe out. *Cotton Balls- remove dish, place cotton balls to soak up wax and then throw away. *Cold dump- remove dish, once cold place in freezer briefly and cold wax will pop out with a little effort. ( not too hot or too long the dish breaks)

5. Most of all I hope the wax you melt brings joy, fond memories, relaxation, brightens your day in some way.