This sampler is a little different that it has 8 blended scents instead of 6. This is a pound of wax in this sampler !!! This is the coconut that you have come to love in our Pink Drink!.


Approx 2 oz of each of the following blends


1- Raspberry Sugar -sugared raspberries, plum and more sugar.

2- Melon -Watermelon, cantaloupe, and fresh sliced honeydew melons

3- Cherry - Tart Maraschino  Cherries

4- Huckleberry -Huckleberries and Black Currants

5-Sugar Berries -a variety of pink berries and sweet sugar

6- Mandarin - mandarin orange and sweet sugar

7- Coconut Mango -sweet honey mango and more coconut

8-Cloud 9 -spun sugar, pink berries, whipped vanilla

Coconut Scented Wax Melt Sampler

Coconut Sampler - **limited**

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