You will get two ounce scoopeze in the first twelve scents. The thirteenth scent will be booked shaped at approx two and half oz.
1. Ghoul Drool- Pear/Cider Lane
2. Haunted Summer Past - Pear/Summer Scoop
3. Graveyard Dirt- ( also known as Sweet Indulgence)
4. Howling at the Moon - Mulberries and Moonbeams
5. Monster Mash- Brandied Pear/French Custard
6. Trick or Treating- Pumpkin Cupcakes/T Mallow/Candy Corn
7. All Hallow's Eve - Apple/T Mallow/PPW
8. Witches Brew- Chai Tea/Sugar and Milk/Pumpkin ( Sugar and Milk is not sugar milk)
9. Vampire Blood -(strawberry, citrus, raspberry, plum, jasmine) bbw dupe
10.Ghostly Treats- Booberry/CC/Blueberry Sugar
11.Hobgoblins - Carnival Treats/PPW/ Vanilla Ice Cream
12.Poison Apple - Cider Lane/French Vanilla Oak/Mahogany Apple
13Book of Spells - Palo Santo/ Pink Sugar( in a book shape) approx 2.5 oz
Halloween Boxed Samplers -

Halloween Boxed Samplers -

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