This is a bbw that we renamed Beach Evenings.

Beach Evenings is , toasted marshmallow, sea salt, vanilla, touch of chocolate
You will receive 1 snap bar of each of the following scents.

1- Margaritas on the Beach -salty margarita lime and BE
2-Quiet Sunsets -ripe blackberries and BE
3-Sweet Beach Evenings -sweet tangerines and BE
4-Bahama Mama's on the Beach - Coconut, Oranges, Mango's Nectarines, Lemons, Limes and BE

5- Passionate Beach Evenings - sweet passion fruit and guava and BE
6- Rainbows at the Beach - fresh lime, pineapple, orange, and raspberry, vanilla and BE

Beach Evening scented wax sampler

Beach Evenings

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